May 2022 coming soon! What will happen? What do you know about May?

5 min readApr 29, 2022

May is known as a month of transition. If you live in the northern hemisphere, the fresh cold winds are gone, and the rains of early spring. May is here which means the nights are only getting hotter and longer.

By the time May comes around, the spring flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and life is starting to seem a little more joyful day by day!

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That also means that it’s time for #MayThe4thBeWithYou hashtags, tequila, big hats, and BBQ.

May doesn’t just celebrate the start of summer with a day OOO, it also kicks off our summer marketing campaigns.

Again, May is a time of change, no matter where in the world you are.

What is it about May that’s so significant though? Let’s take a look at this
a-MAY-zing month!

Monthly Observances

ALS Awareness
Asthma Awareness
National Celiac Disease Awareness Month
Clean Air Month
Global Employee Health and Fitness Month
National Barbecue Month
National Bike Month
National Hamburger Month
National Salad Month
National Photo Month
Gifts from the Garden Month
Lupus Awareness Month
National Military Appreciation Month

Weekly Observances

May 1–7 — National Pet Week
May 1–7 — National Tourism Week
May 1–7 — Drinking Water Week
May 2–6 — Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6–12 — Nurse’s Week
May 8 — May 14 — Food Allergy Awareness Week

12 Interesting facts about MAY

1. No U.S. president has ever died in the month of May. In every other month of the year, at least one U.S. president has died.

2. The name May is the modern-day English adaption of the Latin word Maius, which has origins going back to the time of the ancient Greeks. They named the month of May (or Maius) after the Greek goddess of growth.

3. May was once considered an incredibly ill-omened time to get married. There’s an adage for it actually, which goes: Marry in May and you’ll rue the day.” It’s not clear where exactly the saying comes from, but there must have been a pretty good reason not to get married in one of the most beautiful months…




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