What niche will be the best on YouTube in 2023?

6 min readDec 5, 2022

It is difficult to predict the best niche on YouTube in 2023. However, some popular areas of focus that are likely to continue to be successful include gaming, entertainment, health and wellness, lifestyle, and music. Additionally, emerging niches like virtual reality and artificial intelligence may become increasingly popular as technology advances.

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Top 10 most popular niches on YouTube with the number of views in the 2022 year.
1. Gaming — 8 billion views
2. Entertainment — 6 billion views
3. Music — 5 billion views
4. Comedy — 4 billion views
5. Education — 3.5 billion views
6. How-To/DIY — 3 billion views
7. Lifestyle — 2.5 billion views
8. Beauty — 2 billion views
9. Sports — 1.5 billion views
10. News & Politics — 1 billion views

Why is the gaming niche the most popular on YouTube?

The gaming niche is the most popular on YouTube because it appeals to many audiences. From casual gamers to hardcore gamers, there is something for everyone in the gaming community. Additionally, gaming content is often interactive and engaging, making it a great fit for the YouTube platform. Finally, the gaming industry is constantly evolving and growing, which keeps viewers engaged and coming back for more.

The second most popular niche on YouTube is entertainment.

What kind of content is found in this niche? Content in the entertainment niche on YouTube can range from movie reviews and celebrity interviews to behind-the-scenes footage and entertainment news. Additionally, many YouTubers create content that focuses on the latest trends in entertainment, such as video game reviews and movie trailers. Finally, some YouTubers choose to focus on a specific type of…


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